Introducing iLanga labantu

Ilanga labaNtu lazalwa emva kokubuka isimo sezempilo sendlu emnyama, after a careful consideration of our black people\’s health deteriorating, we then decided to create and introduce Ilanga labantu app where our ancient knowledge of healing with herbs can be captured and housed, we wanted to create an alternative for black people.  We interview different Healers across South Africa, from Izinyanga, IZanusi kanye neZangoma, and anyone who has indigenous knowledge of our forefathers when it comes to herbal remedies. We believe that spiritual healing has positive results in the physical as well. 

We hope we will grow with our Healers and showcase their remedies across the world, our long term goal is to create a hospital where only ancient healing is provided.
We are reviving tried and tested solutions for our people, the future is ancient.

Ilanga labaNtu was also launched due to a rising need to document indigenous healing solutions, we have our elders with knowledge scattered all around, but we don\’t know how to access them easily. We hope this platform will help our youth as well, to learn how to use herbal medicine for their generations to come.

Ilanga labantu is here to restore the dignity of our people through knowledge and herbs.

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